Mini Militia APK New Version

Mini militia game has become one of the most popular multi player shooting game in the market. The mini militia is available for both Android and iOS devices. Mini Militia APK can be download from Google Play Store. It is quite popular among the teenagers and particularly among the students. Mini Militia has got the features to play with 6 players online using the quick play mode and also to play with 12 players using the multiplayer connected in the local Wifi hotspot.

The default app that you download has limited features and has got many restrictions. You need to upgrade your app to have access to all the pro features. They just charge 0.99$ for having access to the pro pack features. Here are the things that you get along with mini militia pro pack APK.

Features Of Mini Militia Pro Pack
Full access to various mini militia costumes and avatars
Get access to all guns on the online play
Ability to access rocket launcher and sniper
Get machete and dual wield
How To Upgrade To Mini Militia Pro Pack?
1. Do download the official mini militia game from play store or app store.
2. Once installed open the game and tap on the front screen.

mini militia mod apk

3. Next, choose Upgrade button at the top.

4. Now you will find a screen something like the one below. Select the restore option.

mini militia pro pack

5. Next, choose your Gmail account and click "ok".

6. Finally select Purchase at the bottom right.


Mini Militia apk for android

Tired of losing Mini Militia matches with friends? New to the game and cannot play with level of good players? Ever thought of winning matches so badly? Then we are here to provide all the necessary hacks and tricks to win the game and blow out your friend’s minds. Think how cool it would be to move through the walls and shoot your opponents. Imagine amazing it would be if you can rain bombs on your friends without limitations. Here we give you 10 awesome hacks that would help you to get the job done. So sit back and chill as we are about to unleash the mods.


Some people prefer to use Lucky Patcher and Toggle Mod apps to hack thy game. By using these apps we can hack the game without any problem and it eliminates the need of separate downloading of the Mod. You can patch the binary files with these apps and hack the game. But the problem with these apps is that they require rooted phones. So to avoid such boring and annoying tasks we provide you with these simple solutions.

1. how to get mini militia pro for free android

Running out of nitrous is the worst thing that can happen to a gamer. Especially if you have no guns and no place to hide and an enemy flying towards you. This the worst nightmare of the gamers. Sometimes falling out of cliffs due to lack of nitro makes us feel hopeless. A report has gathered that Lack of nitrous is the second main reason for losing points in the game But here is the Mod to give you unlimited nitrous and fly like a bird throughout the game. This Mod is called Nitro pack hack or jetpack hack. Looks like someone is getting hope again. But remember this Mod does not provide you with extra features other than unlimited jetpack and this mean its little bit of playing the game fair.


Features of Unlimited Nitrous Mod

1. You are never going to think about picking up jetpack boosts again.
2. This Mod also comes with a special ability to survive the poisonous gas bombs which are an added advantage.
3. This Mod comes with pro-pack features, so we suggest you buy the pro-pack first then install the Mod.
4. Use melee attack button to give a boost of speed. This gives you an added speed higher than the normal speed.
5. Some new avatars are added in this Mod.